Happily Ever After For Two Abandoned Strays

Leo and Maddie stuck together while they were living on the streets

Early in spring 2017, a long-time Regina Cat Rescue (RCR) supporter contacted us to report two beautiful cats that had been hanging around stray at her North Regina apartment complex for at least a year. The cats were skittish, but various residents were providing food, water and outdoor shelter. The caregivers noted that the pair were inseparable and always spotted together. With their basic needs being met and the busy spring rescue season upon us, these cats were put on the rescue wait list.

As RCR resources quickly became stretched with high intake volumes over the summer, the two cats kept dropping down the rescue wait list as urgent cases like injured cats and nursing moms and kittens displaced them. Thankfully, the kind people feeding them continued to make sure they were safe. As summer passed and temperatures began dropping, everyone was hoping that these two cats wouldn't have to spend another winter outdoors. 

In November, volunteers from RCR's community cat team were dispatched to humanely trap the cats, and quickly achieved success. Leo, the male, was taken to be neutered within an hour of setting the first trap. The female, Maddie, was trapped the following day. 

These sweet kitties were happy to be reunited and immediately bonded again.

Upon rescue, Leo was a very timid intact male with no ID and appeared to be quite feral while at the vet clinic. Maddie was a spayed female with a microchip, but her owner didn't reclaim her. Given his perceived feral nature, arrangements were made to return Leo to the apartment complex where he would continue to receive support as an outdoor cat. Sweet Maddie stayed in foster care and it seemed like the pair would go their separate ways ... but fate had something better in store!

The compassionate, cat-loving couple who fed Leo when he was living outside had started to win his trust, so they offered Leo the chance to be a pet cat indoors rather than be returned outdoors. Once in their care, it quickly became evident that Leo was a very sweet boy who absolutely loves to be with people. He also immediately made friends with the resident cats. 

With Leo settled and happy as an indoor cat, his new guardians decided they wanted to reunite him with his best friend Maddie. RCR volunteers were thrilled to have the opportunity to reunite the duo and a few days later the pair were together again as if they'd never been apart.

We are so thankful for everyone who looked out for Maddie and Leo while they were living on the streets. We're so grateful that after all they've been through, these two cats have found a forever home together! Leo and Maddie are two deserving kitties who achieved their fairy tale ending!

 Happily ever after!

Happily ever after!

-Alanna, Regina Cat Rescue