Adult cat spotlight

Kittens get a lot of attention this time of year - and rightfully so! They’re cute, playful and fun, after all. But adult cats have so much to offer too and are often overlooked in favour of younger kitties. So during this very busy kitten season we wanted to highlight just some of the awesome adult cats who have been waiting months to be adopted.

Dixie (8 months in foster care)

Dixie has been available for adoption since January. She was rescued after being shot with a pellet gun, but that rough start hasn’t got Dixie down. She’s still a sweet and friendly girl who loves to cuddle and purr.

Luna (6 months in foster care)

Luna has been available for adoption since March after being rescued from the cold this past winter. In her six months in foster care, she’s proven to be a friendly and loving cat who does well with children.

Snowy (5 months in foster care)

Like many mother cats, Snowy has been patiently waiting for her forever home long after her kittens have all been adopted. She’s an easy going girl who prefers to be an only cat.

Annabelle (5 months in foster care)

At 10 months old, Annabelle is barely out of kittenhood herself, but this clever, curious and confident cat has been waiting since April for her forever home.

If you’re looking to add a loving feline friend to your family, consider adopting an adult cat! Adult cats like Dixie, Luna, Snowy, Annabelle and so many more are in need of homes. Plus, when you adopt from Regina Cat Rescue (RCR) you're actually helping two cats - the one who you've adopted and the new cat that RCR is now able to rescue from the streets and place into foster care. You can definitely feel good about that!

Check out our catalogue for more adult cats hoping for their forever homes. If you spot a cat you'd like to adopt, please complete the adoption application.