2017 Year in Review

We hope everyone enjoyed a peaceful holiday season. As we move into 2018, we wanted to take the opportunity to share a recap of 2017 – it was another busy year!

The Community Cat Team was kept hopping as they trapped, neutered and returned (TNR) 36 cats in 2017 – nearly double from 2016. They continued to manage 31 RCR colonies while also supporting 49 independently managed colonies. Volunteers also conducted outreach to Moose Jaw's cat rescue, SCRAPS, by providing a trapping demonstration and Q&A session about TNR. One of the challenges faced by the Community Cat Team was the difficult task of trapping sick or injured community cats to get them vet care.

In 2017, The Pet Rescue Team was tasked with limiting intake to 400 cats in an effort to prevent volunteer burnout and ensure financial stability – and they came very close finishing the year with 403 rescues. This measure was necessary after the record-breaking 473 rescues in 2016 that put extreme resource pressures on the organization. Adoptions for 2017 hit 433 – the highest in our history. And a record number of foster homes were active throughout the year with an average of 83 homes.

Besides the daily operations of the Community Cat, Pet Rescue, Fundraising and Communications teams, RCR also worked on new initiatives, policies and partnerships. Some of the highlights include:

  • RCR began work on the Community Cat Coalition with the Regina Humane Society, the City of Regina and local veterinarians. Expect to hear more about the coalition and its work later this year.
  • An adoption fee increase was implemented - the first since 2013. The increase was necessary to help offset just some of the costs associated with rescuing cats and kittens such as sterilization surgeries, vaccinations, anti-parasitic treatments and other veterinary care.
  • We formalized our partnership with the Excalipurr Cat Café which opened in December and has already facilitated over 20 adoptions.
  • RCR introduced a policy opposing declawing. As an animal rescue organization that sees firsthand the negative short- and long-term effects of declawing, RCR is proud to add its voice to the choir of those in opposition of the unnecessary amputation.
  • The Fundraising Team developed important partnerships with local businesses most notably with Metro Pet Market to present the 2017 Winter Raffle and with Yoga Mala to host the city’s first cat yoga event.

We want to extend a warm and heartfelt thank you to everyone who supported RCR throughout 2017 whether that be by adopting, sponsoring, donating, educating or volunteering. We hope we can continue to count on your support in 2018!