Free pet insurance for adopters

Regina Cat Rescue is pleased to partner with Petsecure to offer a free six-week trial of pet insurance for all cats and kittens adopted after October 1, 2018. 

This free trial covers your new pet for up to $500 in veterinary care for accidents and illnesses. The voucher can be activated on-line within 10 days of the adoption, and coverage will begin 48 hours afterward. There is no obligation to purchase the insurance after the six-week trial and, if not extended, coverage will automatically expire.

The purpose of this program is to help introduce new pet owners to the financial assistance available to them with pet health insurance. Should your pet ever fall ill or become injured, Petsecure prepares you for the unexpected and provides you the ability to arrange for the very best veterinary care for your pet.  

We’re excited to partner with Petsecure and hope you will take advantage of this great opportunity!

For more information about this initiative, check out our Q&A.