Six myths about fostering … busted!

You’ve probably seen Regina Cat Rescue (RCR) asking for foster homes to care for rescued cats. And when we do, we often hear these myths -- so let’s tackle them!

Myth #1: I can’t foster because I have other animals.

Truth: With a proper introduction most pets enjoy having a temporary companion. In fact, 95% of RCR foster homes have resident cats, dogs or other pets. Our volunteers can teach you how to introduce foster cats to resident cats. Or you can always keep your foster cat separate from your other animals in a second bedroom, office, etc.

Resident cat Ollie enjoys the company of foster kittens in an RCR foster home.

Resident cat Ollie enjoys the company of foster kittens in an RCR foster home.

Myth #2: I can’t foster because I would keep all the cats.

Truth: Foster homes help rescued kitties get happy, healthy and ready for adoption, but we know many people get attached! As a foster parent you’re part of deciding who adopts your foster cat. And many adopters choose to stay in touch with the fosters by sending updates. So it’s actually a joyful and exciting time when your foster cat finds their forever homes!

Myth #3: I like to travel so fostering wouldn’t work for me.

Truth: This can be the perfect arrangement for fostering. You get the love and companionship of a cat, but with the freedom to travel too. Give us notice when you’ve got a trip planned and we'll move or care for your foster while you’re away!

Myth #4: I can’t foster without putting my animals in danger.

Truth: Our volunteers will work with you to make sure your foster is a good fit for your home and family. And we take steps to help ensure the health and safety of your animals when bringing in a rescued cat. This could mean:

  • quarantining kitties

  • doing blood tests for at-risk cats

  • administering vaccinations, and more.

Myth #5: Lots of people foster so RCR doesn’t need my help.


Truth: We always need foster homes. The number of cats struggling to survive on the streets is always more than the number of foster homes we have. You can make all the difference to an abandoned, suffering animal by fostering.

Myth #6: Fostering is too big of a commitment

Truth: Fostering is less of a commitment than owning your own pet. We:

  • cover the veterinary care

  • can provide supplies like food and litter

  • take care of all the adoption details

You provide a safe and loving home!

Feeling the urge to foster? We hope so! Learn more: