Gifts In Kind

Have a storage space you're no longer using? How about a bag of cat food your cat's turned up his nose at? Regina Cat Rescue is happy to accept gifts-in-kind for our foster and feral cats and kittens.

And if you have receipts for the items, we can issue a tax receipt for your in-kind donation if it is $10 or more. Tax receipts are mailed out in February, as per CRA regulations. Please fill out this gift-in-kind form and submit it with your receipts. 

Email us at to find out where to drop off your donation or to arrange pick-up.

Our Wishlist for Gifts In Kind

  • Canned cat food
  • Dry cat food (of medium to higher quality)
  • Clumping cat litter
  • Formula for bottle-feeding kittens (the brand is KMR, available at vets or most reputable pet food stores)
  • Animal beds and cat scratching posts in new or good condition
  • Cat toys
  • Litter pans and scoops (new, please)
  • Kennels, crates and carriers (please clean thoroughly and ensure that they are in working order)
  • Supplements for injured or ill cats to help them recover their health, such as fish oil, colustrum, and probiotics
  • Heated water bowls
  • Medium-sized reusable plastic containers (such as those used for margarine or whipped cream) that can be used for feral cat food - no lids required
  • Canadian Tire money to use for the purchase of humane live traps
  • Gift certificates for pet stores
  • Bottles and cans (we use the deposit money to purchase cat food and litter)
  • Legal-sized envelopes
  • Staples copy cards or gift cards for photocopying communications materials and adoption contracts

Saving animals in crisis can be expensive, and Regina Cat Rescue needs your support!

Other Ways to Help

  • Spare change: Raid your piggy bank and donate your spare change to RCR
  • Garage sale: Please consider holding a garage sale, and contributing the proceeds to RCR. Your attic, basement or garage will be cleaner, and animals will be saved.
  • Gift giving: At birthdays and holidays, please consider making a donation to RCR in honor of your loved one. Contact us, and you will receive a lovely note card notifying the person of the donation in their name.

Regina Cat Rescue's legal name is People for Animals of Saskatchewan Inc., and our Charitable Registration Number is #8996 2599 ORR 0001.