Intake Form

Note - As of July 25, 2019 RCR is on an intake freeze. You may submit an intake form, but it will take approx. 1-2 weeks to receive a response from intake volunteers.

If you’ve found a stray or feral cat or kitten, fill out the form below so we have the information we need to help you.

We will respond as soon as we possibly can, but please understand that Regina Cat Rescue is an entirely volunteer-run organization, and we experience a high volume of requests for assistance. It may take up to 48 hours for us to get back to you.

In the event of an animal emergency such as cruelty or abuse, contact the Regina Humane Society Animal Protection at 306-777-7700.

All personal information collected in this form is handled in accordance with The Personal Information and Electronic Documents Act. For further information, read RCR's Privacy Policy.

Is the cat/kitten male or female? *
Is the cat/kitten tame or feral? *
Feral cats are not socialized to people. Pet and stray cats are socialized to people.
Is the cat/kitten injured? *
If female, does the cat appear pregnant? *
We need an exact address of where the cat is, as well as contact information for the person caring for the cat, if applicable.
Does the cat have an owner? If so, please describe the circumstances as to why the cat cannot remain with its owner.
Does the cat have a collar, ID tag and/or tattoo? If so, please describe.
Please give an approximate age as well as gender, colouring and any markings.
Is anyone leaving food or water for the cat/kitten? Is there shelter? *
Is the cat/kitten friendly? *
Is someone available to hold onto the cat/kitten until a Regina Cat Rescue volunteer can pick him/her up? *
Regina Cat Rescue is wholly volunteer-run and is not always able to respond immediately.
Is someone able to foster the cat/kitten temporarily until a Regina Cat Rescue foster home or adoptive home can be found? *
Regina Cat Rescue's foster homes are often full and we may not be able to find a spot for new rescues right away. Rescuers who are willing to foster cats/kittens temporarily are a big help.
Name *