Spock 2009 - 2017

Spock 2009 - 2017

I first got Spock once I finished university and got my first stable real job. From the minute he came into my life he was my best friend. I loved all of his quirky things: Running up and down our bodies under the bed covers when we were trying to sleep, awaking to him randomly licking our noses, drinking from the tap, going completely crazy whenever we cooked salmon, thinking he was hiding from us in obvious spots, to randomly hiding and pawing at us through a hole in a box :)

I really wish we would have more time with you. You had the most gentle soul I’ve ever seen. You left us too early but fought as hard as you could against your battle with your illness. You were very patient and trusting with the vets as they tried to help you.  You helped us through a lot of hard times with your unconditional love and we will never forget you.


Steve, Amanda and Warf