Adoption Follow-Up Caller


As a member of Regina Cat Rescue (RCR) Pet Rescue team, you will contact adoptive to families to help ensure that the adoption is going well and the adopter is happy with the cat, or facilitate problem-solving/troubleshooting if there are problems with an adoption.


Benefits to Volunteering

  • Make a significant difference in the lives in the animals under RCR care
  • Play a key role in obtaining good outcomes (i.e. loving homes, for rescued cats)
  • Duties are adaptable to individual schedules – can be done electronically in most cases



  • Contact adoptive families by phone or email to administer the RCR adoption follow-up questionnaire
  • Complete questionnaires and return to the Foster Home Coordinator in a timely fashion.
  • Troubleshoot in the case of adoptions that are not going well – RCR always takes back the cat if an adoption isn’t working out. Gather information about the situation and refer to Foster Home Coordinator.
  • May be required to provide general information about cat care to adoptive families.


Time Commitment

  • Variable. Approximately 2 hours per week at peak times.


Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Commitment to RCR's mission
  • Effective communications and interpersonal skills to effectively administer follow-up questionnaires by phone or e-mail and gather the required information
  • Effective at interpreting and applying RCR adoption criteria and related policies