Bingo Coordinator


As the Bingo Coordinator for Regina Cat Rescue (RCR), you will facilitate organizational fundraising goals as well as represent RCR to the bingo volunteers and players.

Benefits to Volunteering

  • Make a significant difference in the lives in the animals under RCR care
  • Play a key role in ensuring that RCR bingo fundraising is successful and sustainable
  • Gain experience managing a staff of volunteers
  • Opportunity to learn the rules and regulations set out by the Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Association (SLGA), which govern charity fundraising
  • Have a lot of fun with some great people while promoting the work done by RCR in the community!


  • Ensure RCR is in compliance with SLGA regulations
  • Liaise with the bingo hall manager regarding scheduling and operations
  • Schedule volunteers for RCR’s bingo sessions
  • Administer the operations at a given bingo session, or appoint an alternate coordinator to do the same
  • Report to the RCR board the incoming monies raised

Time Commitment

  • Attendance at Amalgamated Charities Incorporated’s (ACI) annual general meeting, as well as any other meetings called throughout the year
  • Participation in the majority of scheduled bingos, except those where an alternate coordinator has been appointed
  • Dependent upon the availability of volunteers, this time commitment could be as much as 364 hours per year (52 bingos X 7 hours) or as little as 108 (36 bingos X 3 hours).

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Commitment to RCR’s mission
  • Strong leadership, multi-tasking, and organizational skills
  • Effective communication and interpersonal skills and ability to work collaboratively
  • Ability to act with diplomacy in a multitude of situations
  • Ability to motivate volunteers and ensure they feel extremely valued