Foster Care Provider - Foster Home


As a member of Regina Cat Rescue’s (RCR) foster home program, you will play an instrumental role in our rescue operations by housing rescued cats and kittens, caring for them as your own pets and preparing them for adoption into permanent homes.

Benefits to Volunteering

  • Make a significant difference in the lives in the animals under RCR care
  • Help to match foster cats with adopters and achieve good outcomes for RCR rescues
  • Increase your knowledge and experience in animal care
  • Companion animal without the long-term commitment – supplies and adoption support provided


  • Daily cat care including feeding, providing fresh water and accessible, well-maintained litter box(es)
  • Socialize foster cat(s) – i.e. play, affection
  • Transport cat to/from vet clinic, if necessary
  • Meet with potential adopters, so they can view the cat in a home environment
  • Liaise with foster home volunteers and adoption coordinators
  • Facilitate adoptions through completing adoption contracts and acceptance of adoption fees
  • Participate in adoption promotions/events

Time Commitment

  • Foster care placement can range from a few days to upwards of six months, depending on the cat. Adoption activity can be cyclical, declining at certain times of the year and then increasing at others

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Commitment to RCR’s mission
  • Love of animals
  • Basic cat care (when and how much to feed, litter box maintenance, cat proofing home)
  • Training and supplies can be provided
  • Effective communication and interpersonal skills to meet and with potential adopters and liaise with foster home and adoption volunteers
  • Knowledge of common cat illnesses, and signs of illness in cats (information provided)