Officer, Fundraising and Membership

The Officer, Fundraising and Membership shall:

  • recruit, supervise, and meet with the Fundraising and Membership committee.
  • plan and execute/delegate activities pertaining to fundraising events
  • maintain an accurate record of the membership, including date individuals became members and date individuals ceased being members, mailing addresses, e-mail addresses, and telephone numbers.
  • oversee the promotion of memberships, donations, sponsorships, and fundraising activities to volunteers and the general public, in collaboration with the Director, Communications and Education. 
  • shall acknowledge new members with a letter or email of welcome.
  • lead membership renewal and sales drives to encourage volunteers and supporters to become members of the Corporation.
  • research potential membership incentives and approach local businesses to provide products and services for the purpose of recruiting and retaining members of the Corporation. 
  • shall oversee the corporate sponsorship program and will work with the Director, Communications and Education, to ensure corporate sponsorships are acknowledged properly.
  • shall work with the Treasurer to ensure that all fundraising activities are conducted in accordance with Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority and other applicable regulations, and that fundraising activities contribute positively to the Corporations’ finances.
  • shall field inquiries from the public regarding volunteer opportunities for fundraising and membership activities.