Riders Game Kiosk Volunteer


As a Riders Game Kiosk Volunteer for Regina Cat Rescue (RCR), you will help us meet our fundraising goals by working at the food and drink kiosk at Riders games.

Benefits to Volunteering

  • Make a significant difference in the lives in the animals under RCR care
  • Play a pivotal role in ensuring that RCR fundraising is successful and sustainable
  • Learn necessary skills for operating a retail food outlet
  • Take advantage of the physical nature of the position to gain valuable exercise
  • Have a lot of fun with some great people while promoting the work done by RCR in the community!



  • Respond to customers promptly in taking orders, preparing food, or serving food
  • Enforce two-drink maximum and check customer ID for beer sales
  • Receive payment from customers and give correct change
  • Operating a till and cashing out at the end of shift
  • Ensure all dishes and cooking utensils are washed
  • Sweeping and washing floor
  • Keep kiosk clean and tidy
  • At end of shift do drink and cup count
  • Respond to management and customer requests appropriately, politely, and timely


Time Commitment

  • Approximately 4-4.5 hours per Riders game (or until the clean-up is done). There are 10 games including pre-season and then any play-off games as required.



Knowledge, Skills and Abilities



  • Commitment to RCR’s mission
  • Mathematical and organizational skills
  • Effective communication and interpersonal skills and ability to work collaboratively
  • Ability to act with a high degree of manners and cordiality
  • Ability and desire to connect with a wide-ranging public to create a collegial atmosphere