Honorary Membership

Revised November 2018

Regina Cat Rescue (RCR) is committed to recognizing individuals who have made a significant voluntary contribution to our animal welfare. This policy outlines the eligibility, criteria and processes for nominating and awarding an Honorary Membership and/or an Honorary Lifetime Membership to RCR. Honorary Memberships are non-voting memberships and can be rescinded by a majority vote of the RCR Board of Directors for just cause.

Honorary Lifetime Membership Eligibility

The following individuals would be eligible for nomination:

  • Volunteers in regular on-going involvement - 20 years service.

  • Individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to improving animal welfare (this may include Volunteers, President/Chairperson and Board members who may not have reached the service milestones).

  • President/Chairperson - 10 years service.

  • Board members - 15 years service.


Each nomination will be judged on its merits. Achievement of the service eligibility does not automatically qualify someone to receive Honorary Lifetime Membership. Criteria for consideration of the nomination for an outstanding contribution by an individual to improve animal welfare may include, amongst other things:

  • An individual campaigning for animal welfare changes that achieved the desired outcome (e.g. legislative improvements.)

  • An individual contribution that results in substantial improvement in animal welfare.

  • Individuals who have shown leadership in their local community, which has positively influenced community views about animal welfare.

  • Individuals who have shown leadership within RCR

  • An RCR donor who has contributed financially over a period of 20 years or more

Nomination Process

  • Nominations can be made by any RCR member or volunteer, on the Honorary Membership Nomination Form.

  • Nominations will be considered and awards determined by the RCR Board.

  • Award nominations should be forwarded to the Board of Directors at least 30 days before the volunteer appreciation event each year.

  • The RCR Board will review nominations annually at the last board meeting before the volunteer appreciation event, so that the successful nominee/s can receive a presentation at the event.


Applications must be completed on the Honorary Membership Nomination Form and returned no later than 30 days before the volunteer appreciation event each year to:

Board of Directors
Regina Cat Rescue
P.O. Box 33066
Cathedral Postal Outlet
Regina, SK S4T 7X2