Pet Rescue Events Coordinator


As a member of the Regina Cat Rescue (RCR) Pet Rescue team, you will play an instrumental role in creating exposure and finding adoptive homes for rescued cats by organizing adoption events with adoption partners like PetSmart, PetValu and Prezoomably Cats.

Benefits to Volunteering

  • Network and interact with other animal lovers
  • Increase your knowledge and experience in animal care
  • Assist in the process of finding rescued cats permanent homes
  • Hands-on cat care – enjoy companion animals without the commitment of pet ownership.


  • Liaise with adoption partners regarding adoption events and other promotions to determine dates, times, locations and other logistics.
  • Liaise with foster homes to determine participation in events and organize schedule for adoption events (i.e. which cats will attend and when).
  • Advise Pet Rescue adoption coordinators of events and activities.
  • Ensure required supplies are organized and in place on day of adoption events (kennel or funhouse, litter box, food and water bowl, RCR literature).

Time Commitment

  • Variable. Adoption events at PetSmart occur one weekend per quarter. Pet Valu will host RCR monthly if volunteer capacity is available. Others are at our discretion. Timing can be from 2-6 hours at our discretion and availability of volunteers and foster cats.
  • The coordinator does not necessarily have to be at an event the entire time but is responsible for set-up and take down for each event and recruitment of volunteers.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Love of animals
  • Effective communication and interpersonal skills to liaise with volunteers, adoption partners and the public
  • Organization and time management skills. Vehicle/transportation required
  • Email/computer accessibility and ability to work with Excel spreadsheets is required.