Privacy Policy

Regina Cat Rescue's (RCR) Privacy Policy Is designed to comply with the federal Personal Information and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) in ensuring the privacy of personal information. This policy applies to all RCR volunteers, members and adopters. The components of the policy are:

Collection and use of personal information:

  • To make a donation, adopt a pet, become a volunteer and/or member, RCR collects personal information, which is necessary to process the transaction, identify you and/or facilitate your involvement with RCR.

  • This personal information is maintained by officers and board members of RCR. Access to this information is limited to those volunteers of RCR who have a need to know the information for a legitimate business purpose.

  • In any request by RCR for information, you will be asked to indicate if you do not want RCR to contact you for the purposes of providing information to you about its activities, current animal issues and care, and other topics that RCR thinks would be of interest to you.

  • If you opt not to be contacted by RCR, your opt-out will be recorded, and any new uses of your personal information will require your further consent.

Disclosure of personal information:

For animal-specific information, RCR may share your personal information with registered veterinarians who require that information to care for the animal.

Membership lists may be distributed as required under Saskatchewan Non-Profit Corporation Act requirements.

RCR will not share information with other third-parties without your consent unless compelled to do so by law, under a court order, or by government authority.

RCR may aggregate information for statistical purposes, but if aggregated, this information will be de-identified so as not to contain any information that would identify you or be used to contact you.

Accessing your information or making an inquiry or complaint:

  • You can request that your information be reviewed and/or updated by you, subject to proper identification. A request can be made by contacting RCR’s President at

  • If you have a complaint or inquiry about our policy or regarding the handling of your personal information by RCR, RCR's President is authorized to investigate your complaint or address your inquiry.