Adopted November 21, 2018
Regina Cat Rescue is a local street cat rescue charity


Gender: Female
Age: 10 months
Breed: Domestic Short Hair; Black
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Vaccinations: FRPP
Other vet care: Anti-parasitic medicine
Temperament: Cuddly and playful.
Other information: Good with other cats.

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Fae was rescued from the middle of a busy street. She was nearly hit by a car, but by chance a Regina Cat Rescue (RCR) volunteer saw the near accident and stopped to scoop Fae up and get her to safety. When no owner could be found, Fae was taken into RCR foster care.

Fae is a sweet and playful young cat. She enjoys chasing and playing with the resident cat in her foster home. Her favourite toys are little balls with bells that she bats and chases around her foster home. Fae is a snuggle bug too. She enjoys sitting on her foster mom’s shoulder, lap, feet - pretty much anywhere that keeps her close and warm. Fae is also a very curious cat and loves to see what all the action is. She follows her foster mom from room to room and enjoys investigating any new sights, sounds or smells in her foster home.

If you’re looking for an all around fun cat, Fae could be the one for you!

If you are interested in Fae, click here to view our adoption contract and click here to complete an adoption application or email the RCR Adoption Coordinator at adoptions@reginacatrescue.com for more info.

Please note: in the event there are multiple inquiries for a cat or kitten, Regina Cat Rescue will select the best suited home in the interest of a successful adoption.

Adoption fee: $140

All adoption fees and sponsorship donations contribute towards veterinary care and other costs associated with caring for Regina Cat Rescue rescued cats and kittens.