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Regina Cat Rescue is a local street cat rescue charity


Gender: Female
Age: 2 years
Breed: Domestic Short Hair; Grey
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Vaccinations: FRPP
Other vet care: Anti-parasitic medicine
Temperament: Shy, but calm and curious
Other information: Needs another cat for confidence

Metro Pet Market, through their Spay It Forward initiative, has sponsored Frieda's spay, as part of their ongoing mission to foster responsible pet ownership. For more information on Metro Pet Market, visit or find them on Facebook.


Frieda was discovered living stray and foraging for scraps behind a local restaurant during the January cold. Thankfully, a kind citizen was alerted and made arrangements to capture Frieda and get her to safety, but not before she suffered frostbite to her ear tips. Happy to be safe and warm, Frieda has slowly built the confidence needed to find herself a caring forever home.

Frieda is a shy young cat whose life on the streets has made her cautious. She is calm and enjoys attention from people she knows, and she is always up for making a new cat friend. Frieda also has the inherent cat curiosity and likes to check out the goings-on in her foster home, although sometimes it's at a distance. Her favourite cat food, shredded chicken, may be reminiscent of her days scrounging leftover fast food, but Frieda has definitely left those days behind her. Frieda would do best in a quiet home with no small children in the home.

If you are interested in Frieda, click here to view our adoption contract and click here to complete an adoption application or email the RCR Adoption Coordinator at for more info.

Please note: in the event there are multiple inquiries for a cat or kitten, Regina Cat Rescue will select the best suited home in the interest of a successful adoption.

Adoption fee: $140

All adoption fees and sponsorship donations contribute towards veterinary care and other costs associated with caring for Regina Cat Rescue rescued cats and kittens.