Pretty Girl

Photos of Pretty Girl by Erika Gayle Photography

Photos of Pretty Girl by Erika Gayle Photography

Adopted April 5, 2018
Regina Cat Rescue is a local street cat rescue charity


Gender: Female
Age: 2 years
Breed: Domestic Short Hair; Grey tabby
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Vaccinations: FRPP
Other vet care: Anti-parasitic medicine
Temperament: Friendly and affectionate.
Other information: Good with other cats and children.
You can meet Pretty Girl at Excalipurr Cat Café (2156 Albert Street, Regina).

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As a kitten, Pretty Girl and her sibling were rescued by the Community Cat Team. Through no fault of her own, after two years in her adoptive household, Pretty Girl was given back to RCR. Adaptable and easygoing, Pretty Girl will fit in easily to a new home, and has already settled in well at her temporary housing in Excalipurr Cat Café.

As her name states, Pretty Girl has the looks department in the bag. Yet while she may be beautiful, her modesty doesn't let it get to her head! Showing that there's more to this gal than just the surface, Pretty Girl's personality will shine, and visitors will see firsthand how friendly and affectionate she is. Pretty Girl is a perfect pet addition for a family with children, with a fun and engaging temper. And prospective pet parents need not worry about the adjusting required to welcome a kitten - Pretty Girl's mature enough to fit in easily without needing to be trained, yet is still young and vibrant. A more well-adjusted cat with beautiful, distinguished markings cannot be met elsewhere. To visit Pretty Girl, come and swing by Excalipurr - she'll be sure to catch your eye!

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Adoption fee: $140

All adoption fees and sponsorship donations contribute towards veterinary care and other costs associated with caring for Regina Cat Rescue rescued cats and kittens.