Adopted 3 June 2009!

Meet Brinkley, one of the newest additions to the PFA foster cat roster. Brinkley was rescued off the streets during a recent cold/rainy spell, hungry and scared.

Even though we are maxed out and have no foster home spaces, we couldn't turn him away and squeezed him in. But, he needs a forever home soon.

Brinkley is a lovely cat. He is 3 year old pure white male cat with green eyes and is healthy and strong. He has also been neutered. Brinkley is still a bit shy, but loves the great outdoors as long as he is in a safe environment on a harness and lead. He loves to curl up in things and being cozy. He still has some playfulness in him and likes to wrestle. He purrs readily and is very loving and friendly, considering that the world has not shown him the same sort love and kindness.

If you can give this lovely boy the loving forever home he needs, contact

Adoption Fee: $40

All adoption fees contribute to the veterinary costs and funds required for People For Animals local animal rescue.