Adopted 5 July 2009

Jellybean is a light orange male tabby kitten. He will be ready for adoption in mid July.

Born to a semi-feral stray female cat shortly after she was trapped, Jellybean was the largest kitten in his litter from the very beginning, and the only kitten to survive. His momma has completely devoted herself to him, and as a result he is an extremely healthy and happy roly poly kitten. Jellybean has been handled by his foster mom from the time he was born, and so he is very well socialized and comfortable with people.

This sweet little survivor from the streets is going to be a large stripey cat, we think. He is very playful already with the other kittens at his foster home, and loves the cat tunnel in the kitten nursery.

Despite his young age, Jellybean is already using the litter box, and he will be fully litter trained before adoption. Jellybean will be dewormed and vaccinated prior to adoption as well.

Adoption fee: $25

All adoption costs contribute to the veterinary fees and funds required for local animal rescue through People For Animals.