Gibby and Cupcake (bunnies)

Adopted 3 August 2009

Gibby (black) and Cupcake (tan) are two dwarf male rabbits, about 2 years old.

These brothers have been together since birth and are the best of friends.

Gibby had a neck fracture at 3 weeks old so he has a slight tilted neck.

Both are timid (due to lack of handling the past year ) but like to be held and have head rubs. They also love dandelion weeds! These bunnies are used to being outdoors until temp drops to -15 in a heated insulated hutch. Then they are used to spending the rest of the winter inside in a rabbit cage.

They are very used to cats, but are not big fans of dogs. Their indoor rabbit cage will come with adoption.

Can you offer these sweet guys a home to grow old in? Please email Sarah for more details.