Adopted 12 August 2009

Like a fine wine - he is better with age

This beautiful cat is our sweet Blue, a 7-year old neutered male Himalayan Cross (short-haired)with beautiful blue eyes, who is also fully vaccinated.

Blue was rescued from an unhealthy hoarding situation where he was living with dozens of other cats, and none of them had proper care. He has also had one adoption fall through due to allergies. Luckily, his rough beginnings have not affected him.

Blue’s foster mom describes him as the ultimate lap cat, who will sit and watch for her to settle in on the couch, and then hop into her lap to cuddle. If her lap is occupied by another pet, he will snooze on the armrest of the sofa with his head in the crook of her my arm or lie along the back of the sofa resting his head on her shoulder.

Blue loves to sit by the door to greet people with his big blue eyes as they arrive, and gives quiet little welcoming meows. He is a very laid-back guy who touches noses with the dogs and other cats in the house. He loves his food, and is the first in line for soft food in the morning. Although he was badly matted and had to be shaved upon rescue, his fur has completely grown back now and he is a very handsome fellow.

Blue is still a little timid with strangers, but once you have been in the house for a few minutes he will peer out and let new people scratch his head. He is a one of a kind cat who has rebounded from his horrible beginnings in the best way

Click here to see a video of Blue playing in his foster home.

Blue will be an excellent cat companion for any older person wanting a cuddly lap buddy, or anyone wanting a calm and affectionate pet. If you would like to offer Blue a 2nd chance at a happy ending, please e-mail All adoption fees go towards veterinary fees and funds required for rescue activities

All adoption fees contribute to the veterinary costs and funds required for People For Animals local animal rescue.