Mr. Studley

Adopted 21 August 2009

Studley is a grey and white short-haired, neutered male who is about 3 years old. He has been given his first vaccination. Studley is also a polydactyl which means he has an extra toe on each foot!

Studley was rescued after spending at least the last year fending for himself on the street. Despite his rough origins, this guy is an absolute LOVE. Studley is a true lap cat. He is very talkative, and loves spending time with people. Studley will jump up onto your lap with his massive paws, and tell you all about his day. This charismatic cat is also great with other cats. Currently, a young neutered male at his foster home has decided that Studley is the coolest, and he follows him around and headbutts him continually. Studley handles this with great humor and affection. Studley is a very smart cat as well - which definitely is one of the reasons he lasted on the street for so long.

Studley is playful and relaxed. He would make a great addition to any family, would make fast friends with other cats, or could be great company for a single person. This is a one of a kind cat.

Adoption fee: $50

All adoption costs and donations contribute to the veterinary fees and funds required for local animal rescue through People For Animals.