Adopted August 2009

Meet PFA’s lovely and sweet Nigella, a one-year old female cat who is spayed, vaccinated (first shot) and de-wormed.

Like so many sweet, tame and friendly black cats, Nigella was unwanted by someone out there and had to be rescued by PFA after spending the winter under a community member's back porch. Despite her ordeal battling the elements outdoors, Nigella is a resilient, loving and friendly little cat who is happy to greet visitors and hang out for a visit. She would make a great cat companion for a person or family wanting an affectionate, interactive pet.

Nigella gets along well with the other cat at her foster home, but she would also be fine as an only cat.

If you would like to welcome Nigella into your heart and home, contact

All adoption fees contribute to veterinary costs and funds required for People for Animal’s rescue activities.