Kiss and Coco

Adopted October 2009

Coco and KissKiss are inseparable pals who are extremely affectionate, both with each other and with people. These two are the ultimate cat duo - laidback, easygoing, playful, and very loving. They have different personalities to be sure - but together - feline perfection!

Coco is a beautiful chocolate brown medium haired male with an exquisite, wavy plume d'tail. His colouring is unique - though he looks black from a distance, his coat is actually a rich brown.

Kisskiss looks like a little kitten all grown up. His beautiful orange tabby is highlighted by white markings, and with his immense eyes, his little face is very, very expressive. He is known to wrap his "arms" around your neck and show you how much he cares with nuzzles. It's rather touching, to say the least!

These two were rescued from a terminally ill lady who had no choice but to let her best friends go. We promised her that we'd find a forever home for Coco and Kisskiss together. They've been separated from their human "mom"; we cannot separate them from each other. They are both four years old, neutered, and fully vaccinated.

If you would like to bring home two friends who will promise to enrich the quality of your life for the rest of theirs, please contact alanna for more info.

Adoption fee: $100 for both neutered, vaccinated cats.

All adoption fees contribute towards veterinary and other costs associated with PFA rescues.