Adopted December 25th, 2009

Meet Fritz, an adorable male tabby who is six months old, neutered, and full vaccinated.

Fritz isn't just good-looking, he is a very smart little stray,too. He wasn't about to hang around out in the cold so he marched right into a PFA volunteer's house and made himself at home. He even hopped into bed with his new foster family that same night!

Fritz's foster family loves him but they already have enough pets so they are putting him up for adoption. He is sweet, friendly, playful and is getting used to the other cats and dog in the home.

And, you've gotta love a guy with that kind of confidence.

If you would like to welcome Fritz into your home as your loving cat companion, please e-mail Alanna.

All adoption fees contribute towards veterinary and other costs associated with People for Animals local rescues.