Rae and Elle

Adopted December 19th, 2009

Meet Rae and Elle - two adorable female siblings who were recently found alone in the back of a pick up truck, just the 2 of them. They were rescued and bottle fed until they were ready to eat on their own. Rae and Elle are 8 weeks old, are already litter trained, come when called, and they are now eating wet food.

Both kittens get along well with all the other cats and dog in their foster home and like to entice the older cat boys into play. After romping with and in their favorite toy (the cat tunnel), they snuggle up together and go for long naps. These 2 siblings eat together, play together and sleep together. They even use the litter box together and will have to be adopted as a pair. They are inseparable and will make a great pair of companions for a lucky household.

*Interested adopters will be required to sign an adoption contracting stipulating that they will have the kittens spayed at the age of 6 months.

Adoption fee: $15 each

All adoption costs contribute to the veterinary fees and funds required for local animal rescue through People For Animals.