This sweet, charming "string-bean" of a cat is Molly, a four-year old spayed and de-wormed female who was recently scooped up along with her kittens from a desperate situation in the warehouse district. She and her newborns were living in squalor in an old garage, constantly in danger and being harassed by other cats. Molly suffered several bite wounds defending her brood and needed immediate veterinary attention when she was rescued. Through her recovery she was a terrific mother to all six of her beautiful kittens. They have since been weaned and adopted into loving homes (see story on Molly’s kittens at:

Now it is Molly’s turn. Molly comes from an abusive home and has been on the street for several years. In the beginning, Molly was quite defensive, partly because she had kittens to protect and partly because she had to re-learn how to trust. In spite of that she is extremely affectionate and vocal, and readily rubs against your leg wanting to be stroked and petted. Molly has come a long way in learning to trust people again. She never had a “kitten-hood” and constantly had to be on guard her whole life. She has only recently learned how to play – a skill she learned from watching her own kittens.. Now she loves playing with all her toys, including her favourite pet rat, and plays with the exuberance, wonderment and abandon of a young kitten. Molly is a sweet and special cat. After being disadvantaged and wary for most of her life, she needs a quiet loving home where she can feel safe and secure. She would not do well in a house with small children or dogs. However, someone with patience and understanding, who would let her come to them on her own timetable and terms, would be rewarded with a truly charming, remarkable and loving cat. If you would like to adopt Molly, e-mail alanna.

Adoption fee: $40

All adoption fees contribute towards veterinary and other costs associated with People for Animals local rescue activities.