Adopted January 4th, 2010

This cute tabby is Reggie, a sweet young male that our feral team rescued from the bitter -40 cold late last week. Reggie is a tame stray that has been relying on a PFA feeding station for several months. One night last week our volunteer found him crying from the cold, but he was a bit shy and ran away from her. A few nights later, she saw him again and this time he was ready to be rescued.
As you can see from the photos, this poor boy has no ears left. He lost them due to frostbite and also has a terrible respiratory infection. He is currently in isolation from the other animals at Victoria Vet Clinic where he is getting excellent care. He is quite lonely though, and cries for attention. He loves people and purrs and purrs when you pet him.

We are very happy Reggie is safe, well-fed and warm now. We hope that by the time he is recovered we will have a spot in foster care for him or better yet, an adoptive home. This boy deserves a loving home where he will never have to freeze or starve again.