Adopted January 30th, 2010

People for Animals has rescued some amazing cats over the spring and early summer, and Mocha is definitely one of our favourites. Mocha is a spayed female that is approximately 7 years old. She was rescued from the streets as a stray, but you would never know it from her regal and loving countenance.

Mocha is a long haired dilute calico, with grey, peach and white. She has lovely wide set eyes. Mocha is a very laid back and friendly cat. She greets newcomers in a welcoming way, and loves to be petted. She carries her lovely fan tail high in the air as an expression of her confidence. Mocha is also a very playful girl, loving to play with the catnip scented scratching post at her foster home. Mocha gets along very well with other cats, and seems to do well with dogs as well.

We can't understand how such a sweet, beautiful girl ended up on the streets, and we want to help her find a loving forever home soon. Mocha would make a great cat companion for anyone wanting a sweet affectionate feline. For more information, please contact

Adoption fee: $35

All adoption fees go towards veterinary and other costs associated with People for Animals rescues.