Adopted February 28th, 2010

This super cute cat is Annie, a 3 year old striped tabby female who has been spayed and received her first set of shots. This exceptionally loving little cat was heartlessly dumped on the side of the highway outside of Regina. She managed to find her way to a local farm where she found some shelter and food. However, the shelter wasn't sufficient to protect sweet Annie from the effects of frostbite over this cruel winter, so she has lost the tips of both her ears to the cold. Annie is thrilled to be in a warm foster home now where she doesn't have to worry about hunger, and loves to sleep in front of the heating register. She is also fortunate to be free from the burden of bearing kittens now, as during her time on the farm she was constantly pregnant.

Annie loves cuddling up with her foster mom for naps, having her belly rubbed, "talking" to people, eating canned food, and greeting visitors. She purrs as soon as she is touched, and likes to be held. Annie is currently being fostered with multiple cats and dogs, and is doing very well. However, she is definitely a cat who likes to be in charge, so she would do well with other, more submissive animals. Annie is a lovely feline, with a rotund frame, small paws, a shortish tail, and a captivating face with bright orange eyes.

For more information about this sweet and adorabe girl, please contact Alanna by email.

All adoption fees contribute towards veterinary care and other costs associated with People for Animals local animal rescues.