Sampson and Bandit

Adopted together March 22nd, 2010

Have a look at two sweet kittens looking for loving families to join! Sampson (male) and Bandit (female) are both 5 months old, have been fully vaccinated and are both de-wormed. Sampson has also been neutered. Both kittens are short-medium haired and have shiny and soft black coats.

This adorable brother and sister have a strong bond between them and are seldom apart. Bandit is definitely the more adventurous of the pair, with her antics getting her in trouble with the dog or with an older cat in her foster house. When this happens, Sampson rushes to his sister's defence regardless of what he'll have to face. Sampson loves to protect his sister! This pair loves to watch the fish swim around the fish tank, play with toys and each other. Although full of energy and excitement, they love to sleep with their foster mom and cuddle up on the couch when they need a little loving. Both will make wonderful additions to a loving home and the pair will double the enjoyment, double the love.

Adoption fee: $60 for Sampson; $40 for Bandit.

All adoption fees go towards veterinary and other costs associated with People for Animals rescues.