Bud 2

Adopted July 31st, 2010

Meet our version of Bud, a sweet little black cat who is neutered and vaccinated and who would love to help you kick back and relax after a hard day's work.

Bud is truly a sweetheart of a cat. He gets along very well with the others cats and dogs in the house. He loves to lay beside his foster mom and purr as they watch TV, both on the couch and in bed- he even likes to hold paws with you! Bud will keep you company while you take a bath and is first at the dining table where he thinks he should be served first. He loves to check out the other animals' food just in case they got something different!

Bud is also very cute, with big eyes and a small face. He is a well-behaved and quiet boy who will make someone very happy due to his great disposition.

For more information on Bud, please contact Alanna by email.

Adoption Fee: $60

All adoption fees contribute to veterinary and other costs associated with People for Animals local rescues.