Adopted August 27th, 2010

New to the list of People For Animals' rescues is Newbie! Newbie is a 6 month old male who was found all alone outside during the windstorm last week - terrified, cold and hungry! While the wind ravaged through the city causing damage everywhere and people took shelter indoors, he was out desperately trying to find shelter in an abandoned home.

Newbie is very sweet - he is so happy to be safe and warm inside. He is a little shy at first but he loves to held and cuddled! He was so scared during the storm that he's still just realizing what it's like to be safe and sound inside with someone to protect him!

Newbie is a handsome little guy who will no doubt make a great life-long companion! He is de-wormed, treated for ear mites and has now been neutered and vaccinated and he is ready to join that loving family who will make sure he's never scared and lonely again!

Adoption fee: $60

All adoption fees contribute to the veterinary fees and funds required for local animal rescue through People For Animals.