Adopted September 12th, 2010

This sleek and lovely young female cat is Marnie, a one-year old spayed and vaccinated female who has been designated PFA's resident flirt.

Marnie is a sweet friendly girl who has made it clear she loves boys - both human and cats alike! She is not so fond of the competition of other female cats, though she will warm up to female humans once they have earned her trust. But she loves boys! What a little flirt!

Marnie loves to be safely let outside and is the first to insist on opening the cat run each morning. She also took over the use of the cat bed on the kitchen counter as she has claimed this as her personal television perch to watch the world from. Of course she is willing to share it with the other male cats in the house.

Marnie is a young queen-bee who is high energy and fun! If you have a young male cat in need of companionship or if you would like a spunky female feline companion, please contact Alanna at for more information.

All adoption fees contribute towards veterinary care and other costs associated with People for Animals local animal rescues.