Adopted September 21st, 2010

Marr is a beautiful black female cat who is three-to-four years old, spayed and fully vaccinated. As many of us know, black cats are usually the last to be adopted (perhaps because people are superstitious) and tend to be put down more often than other cats at shelters as a result. But Marr was lucky - she was rescued from the shelter and adopted into a loving home. Unfortunately, her luck quickly ran out, as the other cats and dog in the home did not accept her and tormented her horribly. It wasn't Marr's fault at all - sometimes animals just won't accept a new cat into the home. The owner loved Marr so much that she didn't want to let her go and tried to make it work for almost a year, but the dynamic with the other animals didn't improve and it was clear that the situation was causing Marr a lot of stress. Now, Marr is thriving in foster care and is a very happy and well-adjusted cat. She loves attention and enjoys sleeping with her foster mom. SCan you give this black beauty the loving home she deserves? Please contact Alanna by email.

Adoption fee: $60

All adoption fees go towards veterinary and other costs associated with People for Animals rescues.