Roscoe and Clementine

Adopted September 18th, 2010

Once upon a time, these two sweet black cats (Roscoe, male and Clementine, female – 2 years old) were a PFA success story. They were rescued along with their mama cat struggling to survive on the street in a rough area of town, and were timid at first but quickly became happy and affectionate kittens in foster care. They were adopted by someone who promised to give them a great home.

Unfortunately, after two years the woman suddenly decided that they “weren’t working out” and returned them to their former foster home, frightened, stressed and in a state of neglect.

As heartbroken as we are, we are glad to have Roscoe and Clementine back in our care so that we can give them a second shot at a true forever home. Both cats are sterilized and vaccinated, and have quickly adapted to life in foster care again. Roscoe and Clementine are quiet and well-behaved little cats who are happy just to hang out together in a safe and cozy environment. They enjoy attention from people and love to be petted, showing their appreciation with purrs and nuzzles.

Roscoe and Clementine have been together since birth and must be adopted as a pair. If you are looking to add some cuddly cat companions to your life and would consider a pair of lifelong buddies, please contact Alanna by email.

Adoption fee: $60 for the pair

All adoption fees contribute towards veterinary care and other costs associated with People for Animals local rescues.