Adopted October 5th, 2010

One week ago I received a concerned call from two of our wonderful feral team feeders, Dona and Pat. They had found a very tiny, young mama cat and two kittens in a perilous location in North Central where exposure to distemper has been a concern. The feral team named the mama Whisper as she is so tiny and thin that she is just a whisper of a cat.

As full as we are, we knew they needed to be rescued quickly to have a chance at surviving, and our dedicated feral team put together a small group to focus on nabbing the mama and kittens.

After several setbacks and having to leave Whisper there knowing she was seriously ill but couldn't be away from the babies, there feral team nabbed them all and they are now safe and sound. Whisper remains at the vet clinic in isolation, so she's lonely and bored but it beats life on the street! The kittens, Jasper and Louie , went to a foster home where they are doing great!

These are some lucky little cats!

If you can give this sweet cat the loving forever home she needs, contact Alanna by email.

All adoption fees contribute to the veterinary costs and funds required for People For Animals local animal rescue.