Adopted October 31st, 2010

Meet this adorable kitten named Murray. This youngster was recently found roaming around on his own near the Murray Golf Course.

He was born to a feral mom and was rescued at the age of approximately 5-6 weeks and is now 12 weeks old. He is a very sweet, playful, and affectionate kitten - an absolute joy to be around! He has been vaccinated and de-wormed, litter box trained, and is eating both soft and hard food. This kitten is great with other cats and is being introduced to small dogs as well.

Murray was named after the location in which he was found. He is very healthy, active, and well-behaved. Murray would love to have a home to call his own!

*When adopting a kitten through People For Animals, it is a contractual agreement to have the kitten spayed/neutered at the approx. age of 6 months.*

If you are interested in adopting Murray, please contact Deanne by email.

All adoption costs contribute to the veterinary fees and funds required for local animal rescue through People For Animals.