Sweet Bea

Adopted October 16th, 2010

Sweet Bea certainly lives up to her name! Originally named after Bea Arthur, "sweet" was added to better reflect her wonderful personality. Sweet Bea and her five kittens were found under a porch in 1300 block Montague Street. All were fostered together where she proved to be an excellent mother. Bea is still very young and she plays with her kittens as if she were one of them, ripping through the cat tunnels, flying up the cat tree, and chasing the tin foil ball throughout the house. Come nighttime, Sweet Bea can be found sleeping on the bed saddled next to her foster mother. Really, Sweet Bea is simply a beautiful, wonderful cat who would fit into any environment.

Sweet Bea is spayed and vaccinated and ready to find a forever home with someone who shows her as much love and attention as she's shown to her own kittens and foster mom!

All adoption costs contribute to the veterinary fees and funds required for local animal rescue through People For Animals.