Hello, I'm Mimi. I am a sweet but sort of shy 4-year old female, spayed and vaccinated, and more than ready for a permanent home to settle into.

I may be a bit shy, some might even say anti-social when it comes to other cats, but what do you expect? I was on my own outside for 2 years, living off handouts from a kindly older lady until PFA took me in, got me fixed and gave me the chance to trust people, and other animals, again.

I am what you might call a character cat - I have my lovey-dovey moments and will cuddle and head-butt, but I also have a contrary side and will do the opposite of what you expect.

I need a home with people who love cats and have experience caring for rescued cats like me that have had a long road learning to trust again. I can't promise you instant hugs and kisses, but I will interact and share affection with you when I feel confident - and I am a quiet , well behaved and independent girl the rest of the time.

Please give some thought to adding a quiet and independent feline companion to your home - I may just be the one for you! Contact Alanna by email.

Adoption fee: $60

All adoption fees contribute towards veterinary care and other costs associated with caring for rescues animals.