Oreo and Ghost

Adopted January 2nd, 2011

Here are Oreo and Ghost - a sweet and loving pair of companions looking for a family to join together! (separate if absolutely necessary). Oreo (black and white) and Ghost (grey) were adopted last year into the same household and recently returned into People For Animals' care due to allergies.

Oreo was originally rescued with 3 other kittens at 5 weeks old. She is a long-haired female, fully vaccinated with yearly booster just given and current rabies shot. She was also spayed last year. Oreo is super friendly and outgoing - she took no time at all to venture out and meet the other cats of her foster home. She loves to be petted and an instant purr-er. She is good with kids and ok with small dogs.

Ghost was originally rescued as a kitten from a feral cat colony. He adapted well to his busy foster home and was adopted last year along with Oreo. He has lived with his cat buddy for the last year and would prefer if he was adopted together with his "sister". Ghost lives up to his name and makes himself unseen, more timid then his "sister". Although he likes to hide in a warm spot at his foster home, once picked up he is a cuddle-bug and purr machine. He loves to talk to you and tell you how his day is going! He would need some time to adjust to his new home but will be very appreciative to find that understanding family. He is fully vaccinated with recent yearly booster given and neutered last year.

Ghost and Oreo really wish to stay together if adopted as they have been best friends for the past year and love to play together. They are close like they were littermates! If necessary to separate, both would have to go to homes that have at least one other pet companion for them.