Adopted December 12th, 2010

This little rescued cat has an all too familiar story. Satin, a 10-month old kitten herself, found herself abandoned and pregnant on the streets. This resilient little cat quickly learned to hunt and gratefully accepted any food a kind stranger offered her.

When it was time to have her kittens, clever Satin found a safe enclosed structure under a deck and was able to keep her three beautiful kittens warm, dry and safely out of reach of tomcats. They were discovered by the homeowners just as it was getting colder, and they contacted People for Animals to take the little family and put them into foster care. By this time, Satin was skin and bones from keeping her kittens nourished.

Satin is a beautiful green-eyed, black and white kitten with a sleek and shiny coat. She is friendly, calm, gentle and has a regal appearance. She loves to play with cat toys and to look out the window, and she adores being able to sleep with her foster mom. She is spayed and fully vaccinated.

All of her kittens have been adopted and we are hoping that little Satin finds a home just as quickly as her kittens.

To adopt Satin, please contact Alanna by e-mail.

Adoption Fee:$60

All adoption fees contribute towards veterinary care and other costs associated with People for Animals local rescues.