Adopted February 22nd, 2011

Meet Byron, an adorable 3 year old neutered and dewormed male cat that has his first vaccination. Byron is a new rescue and has already captured the hearts of many People for Animals volunteers.

Byron was a stray out in the east end near the Creeks and was being fed daily by a kind lady. She felt bad for him when she saw him land on her deck during Regina's first big snowstorm and let him into her sun porch. He turned out to be a really sweet and loving cat, and he was so grateful to be safe and warm inside.

He is a super sweet, soft grey guy - polydactyl (6 toes) and is good with children. He would also do well in a home with other animals, as he is adapting well to the 3 cats and 2 dogs in his foster home. He is very calm, gentle and adaptable and prefers snuggles and pets to all other activities, even when the food dish comes out. Although he enjoys his meals, too.

He's an all around great cat who'd be good in all kinds of settings as long as he gets lots of attention and love! If you would like a loveable new addition to your family, pleact contact Deanne at to meet Mr. Byron!

Adoption fee: $60

All adoption fees contribute towards veterinary care and other costs associated with People for Animals local rescues.