Adopted March 13th, 2011

This gorgeous guy is Gus, a long-time stray who has spent several years living outside and relying on a kind PFA volunteer for food. Our volunteer was quite concerned for Gus because he had a collar that was obviously much too small. Although initially quite shy, our volunteer was able to gain his trust and get him into a kennel so he could be checked by a vet, neutered and vaccinated. It turned out that the collar was much too tight and was cutting into his neck. We think the collar was put on him as a kitten, and then he was abandoned or lost and the collar became tighter as he grew.

Because he had been stray for so long, our volunteer was going to release Gus back outside and continue to care for him as an outdoor cat. However, the day she released him, he followed her home and cried at the door to get in. Who could resist that little face? So Gus is now in temporary foster care.

Gus is about 5 years old and has lovely markings and big yellow eyes that remind his foster mom of a great horned owl. As the photos show, Gus adores attention and loves to be petted. After all his time as a stray, he is still very sweet and affectionate and he adores having his belly rubbed.

Gus is an awesome little cat who deserves to find a loving permanent home that will love him and keep him safe this time.

For more information on adopting Gus, please contact Alanna at or visit to view all of our adoptable kittens and cats.

Adoption fee: $60

All adoption fees contribute towards veterinary care and other costs associated with caring for People for Animal’s rescued cats and kittens.