Adopted May 29th, 2011

While you welcome the spring and warm weather back into your life, consider opening your hearts and home to an adopted pet! Spring is all about fresh starts and new life so, appropriate to the season, here is one of three 8 week old kittens available for adoption! Jessie, Jaxson and Jazzy are all female siamese crosses who each have their first vaccination.

Their mama was an older, unfixed female who hemorrhaged severely after their birth and was unable to nurse them. Left orphaned, the kittens were fading fast but luckily found themselves in a loving foster home who bottle fed them to the happy and healthy state they are now in!

Jackson's siblings have already found homes. Jackson is very sweet, friendly and affectionate in addition to being gorgeous! She is used to lots of handling and is well socialized.

Adoption Fee: $25 each

****Serious inquiries only and please note that the BEST SUITED homes will be selected for adoptions. The adoption contract will require that the kittens be spayed at the approximate age of 6 months****