Adopted July 30th, 2011

Meet Glory, a sweet and petite female cat that is 8-10 months old.

Glory was first listed with Abba because both have been on the same tough journey. Fending for themselves on the streets of North-central Regina, these two beautiful girls were being tormented by tomcats.

Thankfully they were rescued and are now thriving in foster care. Glory would make an ideal pet; she loves to cuddle, she is very affectionate, and she has a curious playfulness to her personality. Glory would do well with other cats and would love a stable home.

Glory has been spayed and vaccinated and she has a petite, small-boned build so she won't grow up to be a large pet.

Click here to watch a terrific video of Abba playing:

For information on adopting Glory, please contact Alanna at

Adoption Fee: $60

All adoption fees contribute to veterinary care and other costs associated with caring for rescued animals.