Johnny, June, and Rosie

Adopted August 15th, 2011

These adorable tiny tabbies are Rosie (grey), Johnny (orange), and June (grey/white tabby). Rosie, Johnny and June are siblings who were rescued at 3 weeks of age after their feral mama disappeared, the suspected victim of a dog mauling. The kittens are now 6-7 weeks old, and will be getting their first shots in a week.

These kittens have been bottle fed and are very used to being handled by people. They are sweet and affectionate kittens who love human attention and will make wonderful pets for anyone who wants a cat that is very attached to his/her people.

They each have their own unique personalities but all are very sweet. Johnny and June are very protective of little Rosie. Rosie was born with no back paws but it doesn't slow her down or stop her from having fun playing with the other cats.

Because of their closeness, we would like for Rosie to be adopted with one of the other kittens.

Please note that the sterilization of kittens at the age of six months is a requirement of adopting through People for Animals.

For more information on adopting these little ones, please contact Alanna at

Adoption fee: $25 each

All adoption fees contribute towards veterinary care and other costs associated with People for Animals rescued cats and kittens.