Pepe Le Mew

Adopted August 9th, 2011

Say hello to two of the cutest and most charismatic kittens we've ever seen. Bing and Pepe Le Mew (Adopted) are 12 weeks old and have been vaccinated so that they are ready for forever homes.

Pepe le Mew is named after the famous skunk due to the white stripe he has running down his back. This cat is an outstanding little buddy who is perfect in every way. He comes to greet you, purrs instantly when you pick him up, and plays with gusto. He has a tendency to hop like a bunny!

Pepe Le Mew is currently thriving in a multiple pet foster home with 2 dogs and several adult cats. Think Bing is the kitten for you? Please email Alanna at

Please note that sterilization of kittens at the age of six months is a condition of adoption through People for Animals.

Adoption fee: $40

All adoption fees contribute towards veterinary care and other costs associate with People for Animals local rescue activities.